The most mischievous and rebellious beer. This is what Pícara tastes like, born as a tribute to the permanent smile of the La Palman woman. After its creators discovered that “beer” in Spanish, unlike in other languages, belonged to the feminine gender, they decided that this natural beer of high fermentation, Ale type, with white foam and a certain cloudiness, should be named after a woman.

Brewed with soft water from the mountains of La Palma, it goes perfectly with any food. Its mildly bitter and slightly fruity taste is the result of the combination of three different malts, including wheat malt, which gives it a touch of freshness.

Its refreshing and fruity sensation has earned it the Silver Medal in the category of mild and hybrid ales at the II International Craft Beer Competition of Madrid, held in 2017. This makes it a faithful representative of the Summer Ale style. The balance between the fruity flavour and the acidity of the wheat malt, together with an aroma of tropical and floral fruits, are the culprits that make Pícara hook you from the first sip.

As in the rest of the beers, a rather mischievous and mischievous rogue, who tries to do his thing by “biting” part of the label, once again takes centre stage.