La Graja Piripi

Graja Piripi is a full-bodied Tripel Dark Ale with a moderate head of foam. With no predominant hops, but with strong notes of caramel and chocolate, it has a very light sweetness and an exquisite semi-dry finish. To achieve this result, three times the amount of malted barley has been used, including four types of roasted malt, with an alcohol content of 8 % abv. With a high alcohol content, it is unfiltered, unpasteurised and matured for more than six months in the bottle.

This is the first beer to include the name of the rook, the emblematic animal of La Palma, in reference to the people who live on the island and who stand out for their spontaneity, joy and hospitality. The rook, on this occasion, is shown with its wings open and talking, like those who get together on a Friday night, after a hard day’s work, to have a good beer, talk, joke and enjoy the moment.

Graja Piripi can be served with meat, stews or similar dishes, or simply enjoyed on its own. The consumer, like the rook that flies free in the heights of the island, is free to choose how and when to drink it.