From day one we chose to combine tradition with technology.  Although the brewing process is completely manual, meaning it is not automated, we have a powerful steam brewhouse, which allows us to brew a wide range of beer styles. Environmental technology is also an important concern for us, so the brewhouse includes a heat recovery system, which saves a significant amount of energy, and the bagasse, the malt used, is used by local farmers.

For our craft beer, we start with the four fundamental and carefully selected ingredients: soft water from the mountains of La Palma, special malts from a Belgian craft malting plant, yeast and aromatic hops. In addition, we use top fermentation at higher temperatures, replacing the filtering and pasteurisation process with a double fermentation that leaves traces in the slightly cloudy appearance of the beer.  In total, at least six weeks are spent in the patient brewing process.  In this way, on a more modest scale, a product with a natural, fresh taste and a high content of vitamins and other healthy nutrients is achieved.