The Polish Jolanta Klimaszewska and the Belgian Gino de Reuwe landed on the island of La Palma in 2006, looking for a place where they could benefit from health and wellbeing. Although they were already brewing beer, it was not until 2009 that they professionalised their passion: the ideas they had in their minds became a reality in the form of a microbrewery, to be established in the town of Tijarafe, where they could unite tradition and the latest technology to produce quality craft beer.

The old celebration hall Montecarlo, located in the neighbourhood of El Jesús, next to the main road, is no longer the place that still kept some traces of the festivities and parties that so many tijaraferos and tijaraferas enjoyed in the last century, to become a craft brewery, which launched its first product in 2010 – the Danza del Diablo – and which a year later also housed a bar-restaurant, where you could taste the beers brewed just a few metres away, accompanied by culinary delights.

There are several reasons why Cervezas Isla Verde chose Tijarafe to develop its activity, but it was mainly the climate, the availability of good quality water and the respect for tradition and rural life that best suited the philosophy of this business. The traditions of our environment and the character of the sublime nature and the people of La Palma, help us to elaborate recipes, through which we show the island and those particularities, which make it unique and special.

The beer we brew has the flavour and quality of its ingredients, chosen with the utmost care and treated according to ancestral recipes. The water from the mountains of La Palma, due to its weak mineralisation, contributes to achieving a special flavour in each of our beers, making them a healthier and different product, brewed on a unique island, home to a black bird, the emblematic animal of this small territory, called the rook, which, since 2009, has been guiding the steps of Cervezas Isla Verde.