La Graja Apasionada

La Graja Apasionada follows the philosophy of Cervezas Isla Verde, focusing on the natural, the sustainable and the local. Again, local ingredients from La Palma are used, in this case, passion fruit (“parchita”) from the island and a mixture of white and red pitayas, which come from the ecological farm of ECODRAGONIA in La Laguna, one of the pioneering companies in the cultivation of pitayas on the island of La Palma. Like all Isla Verde beers, it is brewed unfiltered, unpasteurised and with natural carbonation.

The result is a very refreshing fruit ale with a moderate alcohol content (4.2%), which is striking for its orangey-pink colour, quite cloudy in the glass and covered by a layer of delicate pinkish-white foam. In addition, its intense aromas of sweet pitaya and passion fruit stand out, with soft malt nuances. It is a very expressive beer, smooth on the palate with low bitterness. At the end of the tongue there is an aftertaste of delicate aromatic hops, which blend harmoniously with the fruity aromas.