Isla Verde

Isla Verde Natural Craft Pilsen tries to bring together in one bottle everything that defines the island of La Palma. Adventure and nature go hand in hand in a beer that is light and easy to drink, but with more flavour and body than an industrial Pilsen.

For a year we have been working hard, improving the brewing techniques, to achieve a Pilsen in its authentic version, with a very defined style. The result is a bottom-fermented beer, with a light body and balanced bitterness, fine bubbles and a smooth mouthfeel, after using barley malt and only Saaz hops, a noble variety originating from the Czech Republic, famous for its excellent aromatic characteristics.

Belonging to the family of “old-fashioned” beers, but unfiltered, unpasteurised, naturally carbonated and with natural hops, Isla Verde Natural Craft Pilsen is brewed according to the Bohemian recipe. It was in this place, which today belongs to the Czech Republic, that a golden, clear beer was first brewed in the 19th century using the bottom fermentation method, using modern refrigeration technology, which was a breakthrough for the time.

The logo for this variety of beer once again features the emblematic rook, accompanied by green and brown tones, which not only evoke an island full of nature and adventure, but also seek to convey the importance of having an island that respects the environment. This, moreover, is the maxim of the creators of Cervecera Isla Verde, who wanted to capture in this product their lifestyle, based on ensuring that the green of the island of La Palma is not only the colour of its vegetation.