Isla Verde Coffee Stout

Cervezas Isla Verde and El Café de Don Manuel have joined forces to create a beer with coffee in the Coffee Stout style, brewed with four malts and coffee of Colombian origin, roasted in La Palma.

Specifically, a total of 900 litres of Coffee Stout will reach the market in the next few days, after months of work and tests to achieve a surprising, novel and, of course, tasty artisanal product. It is a limited edition, with an alcohol content of 6.5% and presented in a 33 cl bottle, which is not only reminiscent of coffee because of its dark, almost black colour and its dense and persistent creamy foam crown, but also because of its intense aroma and roasted flavour.

The Coffee Stout style of beer is a direct descendant of the Porter style, whose origins date back to the Industrial Revolution in England, when and where this style of beer became very popular with a group of hauliers of the time. Stout, or the stronger version of porter, goes well with red meats and desserts, such as chocolate cake or brownies.

Café de Don Manuel has been serving the best coffee since 2014 in its four emblematic cafés on La Palma – as well as in other establishments on and off the island -, imported from Colombia – a country they visit regularly to deal directly with the coffee growers – and which they roast on La Palma, thus guaranteeing maximum freshness. To do this, they use the latest technology, an innovation that Cervezas Isla Verde has also joined, the only craft brewery in Spain that brews all its beers, including Coffee Stout, with 100% renewable energy. In addition, it uses four fundamental ingredients of the highest quality, such as soft water from La Palma, special malts from a Belgian artisan malting plant, yeast and aromatic hops. Ten years after the former party hall Montecarlo in Tijarafe was converted into a craft brewery, Cervezas Isla Verde now has eight varieties on the market, to which this new special edition has been added.