Julieta Negra (Gluten free)

Julieta is a tribute to Julia, celiac since the age of five and daughter of the Isla Verde brewer himself, who insisted that her father create a delicious beer that she could drink. After a year of trials, between recipes and with a special brewing process, Julieta Golden Ale and Julieta Dark Ale without gluten were born, the latter being the first gluten-free dark beer in Spain.

These are special beers, handcrafted ale-type beers (high fermentation) that differ from the pilsner-type gluten-free beers that currently dominate the market. Julieta is unpasteurised and undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle, resulting in a fresh taste and natural carbonation.

The first gluten-free natural dark ale in Spain, which follows a Belgiam dubbel style. Brewed with four quality specialty malts, it has a mild bitterness and a slightly roasted flavour, with hints of coffee, caramel and chocolate. In the glass it shows a dark, slightly cloudy colour. Distinguished as the best Belgian ale, after winning the gold medal at the International Craft Beer Competition held in Madrid in 2017.